Step sequencer

Performance pad

Select voice
Velocity slider
Open voice edit panel

Velocity slider: To control velocity for the on-screen keyboard.

Edit voice name
Set the selected operator frequency (coarse and fine)
Feedback amount
(for operator #4)
Select algorithm
by flicking horizontally
Adjust EG for each operator

INFO button: Display the current voice setting as an URL string.

OSC FREQUENCY: To set the frequency of the selected operator.


In this screen, by shuffling iPhone and select “Initialize Parameter”, the current voice parameter will be initialized.

Effect control pad
FOLD mode
Change pattern

FOLD mode: Display the rows that contain the triggers.


By shuffling iPhone and press “Initialize Current Pattern” button, all of triggers in the current pattern will be cleared.

Open step sequencer
Open effect setting panel
Select pattern
Delay time (X-axis) / Depth (Y-axis)
LPF Cutoff (X-axis) / Resonance (Y-axis)

Master Effect

Low Pass Filter
Open recording panel
Open the file list screen

Recording Panel

The recorded file (.WAV format, up to 3 minutes) can be exported to the computer via the file sharing function in iTunes. And it also can be transported to other iOS apps with using AudioCopy technology by Retronyms.

Start / Stop Recording